HVAC systems can be a pain. Equipment is constantly at risk of breaking, leaving you with expensive failures, disrupted business, blown budgets, and time out of your day (or night) fixing and managing issues. 

Tulu (Patent Pending) reduces the cost and headaches of HVAC systems - all at a fraction of the price that you are paying right now. 

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A better way to manage HVAC equipment

With the traditional labor based method for managing mechanical systems, the best you could hope for was that a technician would catch a problem during one of their quarterly visits and hopefully provide the right solution - Through 24/7 holistic monitoring, Tulu goes above and beyond.

Why choose Tulu


Better Maintained Equipment

Tulu monitors 500% more points on your equipment than the typical tasking performed during a major maintenance; and it does it every minute of every day - or 525,950 minutes every year. That's 3,250x more visibility than a traditional preventative maintenance program. 

This level of 24/7 holistic visibility ensures that small issues are caught and fixed before they become big problems or affect your equipment's performance.

Anytime, Anywhere

Everything from the health of your filters to the superheat in your evaporator coil can be accessed anytime, anywhere on the planet, without ever having to climb up on a roof, open up a panel, or hook up a multimeter/gauge. 

Data-Backed Actionable Wisdom

Tulu gathers over 110 million data points every year per HVAC unit.


We then leverage powerful algorithms and AI technology to transform this information into actionable wisdom; ensuring you and your team are equipped with the right information at the right time to make the best decisions.

Faster, Less Expensive Service

Mark up, travel, and diagnostic time are a few reasons why a $70 contactor can cost over $700 to replace. 


When Tulu detects a potential issue with your equipment, we'll send you an alert with a detailed description of the issue, a list of potential causes, recommended actions, and make/model/nameplate pictures of any potential parts that might need to be replaced.


 All of this information can be given to your technician so that when they arrive, they have the parts and correct information to quickly execute the best solutions. 

Lower Operating Costs

Better maintenance, faster service, and proactive solutions mean less equipment failures, longer asset life, lower operating costs, and more time back in your day. 

Inexpensive and Easy

With an average payback of under 1 year, and a simple, turnkey installation process - it's easier than ever to start having HVAC Peace Of Mind.

How it works


Tulu Pod

Hardware and sensors that collect important information from your equipment around the clock.

Tulu Cloud

Powerful algorithms and AI technology that analyze your equipment's data to understand its current state - and predict its future.

Tulu Portal

Insights, reports, and actionable wisdom available at your finger tips.
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Tulu Pod

(Patent Pending)

- Supports hundreds of temperature, current, contactor, humidity, and vibration sensors.

- Universally compatible with all unit types, brands, makes, and models

- Stand alone, self healing wireless mesh network

Tulu Cloud

(Patent Pending)

- Secure and reliable (built on AWS)

- 110 Million data samples analyzed per unit per day

- Supports profile based, event based, continuous physics based, predictive analytics, and AIML fault detection

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Tulu Portal

(Patent Pending)

- Real time unit health and condition

- Push alerts and notifications

- Anytime, anywhere diagnostics without ever having to open a unit, hook up a multimeter or connect a gauge

- Unit component inventory and details with the push of a button


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