Tulu's fault detection mean small issues can be caught before they cascade into expensive, unexpected failures.

Predict & Prevent Failures


All of the data Tulu collects from your equipment is constantly run through sets of equations and algorithms in search of faults. 

A fault is anything currently wrong with your equipment, as well as any behavior or pattern that could lead to a future failure.

Fault Detection


Stay on budget

Unanticipated failures and repairs are a common cause for blowing a facility budget. 

Tulu's 24/7 monitoring combined and fault detection combined with fault reports mean you can operate and plan knowing that you see the full picture of your systems future. 


Real Time Alerts & Notifications

When Tulu detects a fault - a notification is pushed to you via email, SMS, and the app that details out the potential causes along with course correcting recommendations at the push of a button. 

With Tulu's 24/7 monitoring and fault detection, you can have peace of mind that no issue will go undetected and unaddressed. 

Interested in predicting & preventing failures in your facility? 



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