Predict & Prevent Failures


All of the data Tulu collects from your equipment is constantly run through sets of equations and algorithms in search of faults. 

A fault is anything currently wrong with your equipment, as well as any behavior or pattern that could lead to a future failure.

Fault Detection


Stay on budget

Unanticipated failures and repairs are a common cause for blowing a facility budget. 

Tulu's 24/7 monitoring combined and fault detection combined with fault reports mean you can operate and plan knowing that you see the full picture of your systems future. 


Real Time Alerts & Notifications

When Tulu detects a fault - a notification is pushed to you via email, SMS, and the app that details out the potential causes along with course correcting recommendations at the push of a button. 

With Tulu's 24/7 monitoring and fault detection, you can have peace of mind that no issue will go undetected and unaddressed. 

Interested in predicting & preventing failures in your facility? 




Tulu Systems develops IoT solutions to solve common and complex problems.
Our mission is to capture data from the real world and make it do the amazing.
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