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Managing mechanical systems can be a pain. Equipment is constantly breaking leaving you with expensive failures, disrupted business, and blown budgets.

Tulu reduces the cost and headaches of mechanical systems - all at a fraction of the price you are paying right now. 

What Is Tulu?

How Tulu Works

Tulu Pod

Hardware that collects vital information from your equipment around clock and transmits it to the cloud. 

Tulu Cloud

Computing power constantly analyzing and interpreting your equipment's data in order to understand it's current state - and predict it's future

Tulu Portal

Insights, reports, and easy to execute actions available right at your finger tips - making it easy & simple to effectively manage your equipment.

Tulu Cloud. Cloud intelligence used for IoT monitoring of HVAC Equipment

A better way to manage mechanical equipment.

With the traditional method for managing mechanical systems, the best you could hope for was that a technician would catch a problem during one of their quarterly visits and hopefully provide the right solution - Tulu goes above and beyond.

3,250x more equipment visibility

Tulu monitors your equipment every minute of every day - or 525,950 minutes every year. That's 3,250 times more visibility than the traditional method of quarterly visits (160 minutes per year) by a mechanical contractor. 

500% more points measured

A typical 7.5 ton rooftop unit traditionally only has 14 points checked on a routine basis. On the same 7.5 ton rooftop unit Tulu measures over 52 points that are critical for understanding your equipment.  

60% less repairs costs

Mark up, travel, and diagnoses time are a few reasons why a $70 contactor costs over $540 to replace. Tulu's contractor management and automated service feature ensure that unneeded and inefficient costs are kept to a minimum

30% more in energy savings

Tulu Pods come equipped with power monitors. When this data is enriched with data from other Pod sensors & cloud intelligence, energy inefficiencies can be pinpointed - along with course correcting actions

80% more affordable than leading BAS Systems

Tulu's cost per point is significantly more affordable than leading BAS systems - making Tulu the best solution for monitoring your equipment.

Universally compatible with all equipment makes & models

Tulu is a modular system. This means we can quickly and affordably customize for all mechanical equipment brand, make and models. 

Inexpensive and easy to set up

With a payback of under 1 year, and an easy, no hassle install - It's easier than ever to start saving time and money.

Tulu is built for these roles

Facility Directors
Chief Engineers
Property Managers
Operations Managers
Plant Managers

Reliably Reduce Costs

The average building pays $1.62 per square foot for maintenance, repair, and energy costs associated with mechanical equipment. 

Utilizing the latest sensor and computing technology Tulu cuts that number in half.


All at a fraction of what it costs to hire a mechanical contractor.

Benchmark Calculator

Calculate how your building costs compare to national averages (and how much Tulu can save you) with our benchmark calculator. 

How Does Tulu Reduce Costs? 

Reduced Maintenance Visits

Tulu holistically monitors your equipment 24/7. This means you can limit unneeded, inefficient and expensive routine visits by contractors. 

Reducing your maintenance costs up to 60%.

Efficient Filter & Belt Replacement

Tulu's air flow and vibration sensors combined with our cloud intelligence mean we can determine the optimum time to change out equipment consumables.


Reducing your filter &

belt costs up to 50%.

Failure Prevention

Tulu catches small problems before they cascade into unplanned, expensive, business disrupting failures.


Reducing failures up to 80%.



Automated Service & Repair

Tulu's automated service & repair management ensure service and repairs are handled with cost effectiveness and timeliness.

Reducing the cost of some repairs up to 85%.

Identify Energy Ineffcienctices

Tulu's power monitoring combined with our smart analysis and energy benchmarking software ensure energy ineffeciences can be caught and corrected. 

Reducing costs up to 30%.

Our Payback Guarantee

Tulu is about making the management of mechanical systems easier, simpler, and inexpensive. 

Our guarantee is simple - 


Tulu will pay for itself in under 1 year - or else your first year's subscription is on us. 

What can Tulu monitor?

To be short. Everything.

Tulu is built to be modular - meaning it can be customized for any system regardless of age, size, or complexity.

Likewise, our expert installers mean getting Tulu up and running on your facility is both quick and painless.

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