Tulu (Patent Pending) is a Super-Human facility assistant that can do everything from maintaining mechanical systems to tracking down the cause of extra energy demand charges.

Tulu For Commercil buildings

What Is Tulu?

Facilities require many hands and eyes to keep everything running smoothly.


However your staff and contractors are only human. They can't be everywhere at once, and even the best of us get tired and make mistakes.

Now imagine having a Super-Human Facility assistant that can be everywhere at once - constantly identifying problems and inefficiencies, predicting failures, and offering solutions all at the click of a button. 


With Tulu you can.


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce labor costs while increasing coverage.

Decrease Operating Expenses

Reduce spending while increasing quality.

Save Energy

Track and pinpoint energy waste & demand charges.

Round-the-clock 360° Visibility

Have peace of mind with live monitoring, alerts & notifications.

Predict and Prevent Failures

Never blow another budget with an unplanned repair or failure.




How Tulu Works

Tulu is made up of three parts: 

Live monitoring, alerts, notifications & reports available right at your finger tips - making it easy & simple to effectively manage your facility.

Tulu Portal

Tulu Cloud

Computing power constantly analyzing and interpreting your facility's data in order to understand its current state - and predict its future.

Hardware that collects vital information from your facility's systems around the clock and transmits it to the cloud. 

Tulu Pod


What can Tulu be used for?

Tulu's mission is to take data from the real world and transform it into the amazing - We're always finding new aspects of commercial buildings to apply Tulu. Below are our current product lines.

Tulu For Mechanical Systems
Tulu For Power Panels

Calculate how much Tulu can save your facility in mechanical & energy costs

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