Energy Made Simple


Tracking and managing a building's energy is vital to reducing costs. 

Tulu's power monitoring technology monitors each individual circuit in your building - making it easy to identify wasted energy and pin point the cause of unneeded demand charges. 



A better way to manage energy

30%-50% of the energy your building consumes is actually waste caused by human behaviors, mis-scheduled equipment, and inefficient equipment. The good news is the majority of the waste can be fixed - but only if you know where to look. 
Tulu makes it easy to see exactly where your building is using energy so you can measure, manage, and reduce costs.

Understanding the the way your building consumes energy is critical for identifying and addressing waste. 

Tulu for Power Panels uses a robust combination of current sensors and power monitors to gather how your building is consuming energy - all of this data is then summarized into easy to understand reports and charts, and is made available to you on your desktop and mobile device. 

Insight at your fingertips 

Demand Charges

Peak Demand charges make up a large portion of commercial building energy costs. 

Distributing your peak energy usage is critical to reducing this cost. 

With the ability to analyze each individual circuit in your building, Tulu makes it easier than ever to pin point and correct peak demand charges.


Inexpensive and Easy to configure

Sortable charts based on your energy billing period, easily assign labels to circuits, and a simple user interface mean configuring Tulu for your specific needs is quick and easy. 

Likewise, Tulu for Power Panels is very affordable - so affordable that we guarantee a payback of under 1 year.



Our Payback Guarantee

Tulu is about making the management of a buildings energy use easier, simpler, and less expensive. 

Our guarantee is simple - 


Tulu will pay for itself in under 1 year - or else your first year's subscription is on us.