Reduce HVAC costs 70%

Managing mechanical systems can be a pain. Equipment is constantly breaking leaving you with expensive failures, disrupted business, and blown budgets.

With the traditional labor based method for managing mechanical systems, the best you could hope for was that a technician would catch a problem during one of their quarterly visits and hopefully provide the right solution - Tulu goes above and beyond.

Utilizing custom built arrays of sensors, Tulu monitors every single component in your mechanical system 24/7. This level of visibility means not only can failures be caught the second they happen, but also predicted and fixed before ever occurring. 

It's the same as having a technician doing a maintenance visit every 15 seconds - just at 0.00001% of the price

Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it to you. Fill out the form below to get a quote for bringing Tulu to your building

Tulu for Mechanical Systems

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Interested In Trying Tulu?

Tulu offers a special pilot program for organizations with large facilities or multiple buildings.


To apply for the Tulu pilot program send an email to and include your organizations name and amount of square footage managed. 

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